Diet pastry

By the force of circumstances and my EXTREMELY strong will, since couple of weeks I'm on a diet ! And when I say diet, I mean no joke : gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, vegan... I first thought these were going to be the worst days of my life, what better torture could you possibly invent for an unconsoled foodie ?

But you know what, in the end, it's a very creative experiment, I've discovered lots of techniques and dishes I would have never thought of. And especially I'm excited about making desserts. Since in the beginning I couldn't even use fruits(no fructose sugar neither), I've invented a diet rhubarb tarte and sweet potato cake and it's almost mind-blowing ! Well, at least when you eat only rice and vegetables the rest of the time...

Anyway, before starting with all the restrictions, I searched for diet pastry places in Paris. I've been interested in the subject since a long time - I do find most of the traditional french pastries too fat, too sweet, too heavy and I was wondering if there were any pastry chefs in Paris who are working on desserts without butter, or gluten, or sugar. So I've surfed the web for pictures, reviews and I went to ... Maison Plume • Pâtisserie.
It's a modern patisserie, with a very nice style and atmosphere created by a young talented patisserie-chef Tara Pidoux. You can have a tea/coffee right there or just take the cakes away. And the cakes ARE MAGICAL ! The choice is small, which is usually a good sign. Most of them are gluten-free and sugar-free, and some of some are even completely vegan in addition, yay! They are beautiful, light, full of taste, with a mix of soft creamy and crunchy textures. And what's most important – you feel good afterwards, no heaviness, no guilt ! :)
So if you have a mouth for sweets like I do, just try it, even if you don't care about the diet, the taste is worth it