The hot-dog

You can have all types of restaurant experiences. And sometimes it is all about the "performance". You can book that classy place 3 months in advance. You've been preparing for it diligently: reading reviews, checking for the pictures, asking for advices. And of course you invited this special person and even got away from your work earlier that day… What an excitement, what a pleasure it is to choose and prepare for the special night out. And your dinner will probably be very good. And you'll tell your friends everything about how cool it was, how you've had 100 amuses-bouches and how they folded the napkin every time you'd go out of the table, and how they built this dessert-pyramid in front of you…
Then, some other moment, you are at your lunch break walking down the street, trying to find some quick sandwich to grab. And you see this modest place. Selling hotdogs. It just kind of stares at you and you're like "why not?". So you grab there a hotdog with fluffy bun, with juicy, a little bit spicy sausage, with delicate and simple sauce and some homemade pickles on the side. And here it is! The emotion! The connection! You are taken, you're swimming in pleasure waves. And at the moments like this you realize what it is – the art of food, the art of taste. And maybe you have already forgotten what did you eat in that sophisticated Michelin-star restaurant, but the unexpected hot-dog will stay in your heart for many months.

Well, of course, for me it was not that unexpected because I've eaten in Jones many times before and knew how talented chef Harry Widler was. But what's new is that he is not cooking there in the evening anymore, because his main passion of the moment is meat processing. And trust me, this British guy knows how to make a good sausage. So while his former sous-chef took over for the dinner (a great cuisine of a different style, I'll talk about it another moment) you can still enjoy Harry's meats on the weekend lunchtime. If you need a portion of simple and pure joy!

P.S. Apparently this weekend is the last chance to experience the famous hot-dog because Harry is moving away ! Hurry-up!