One time we were having a drink with M. and discussing why some girls like lumberjacks. And I don't mean that all the girls like them, but at least us, we do ;)

And we came to the conclusion that for us there is something about that basic, traditional architypes: these strong warriors, who can lift a tree with their bare hands… they project strength, calm confidence, something brutal and at the same time comforting. And as the thought went on, we stated that this is only one sexy part of it, but apart from being a wild beast, we also need from a guy (or a girl!) intellectual stimulation, common interests, emotional intelligence, fine taste etc. etc. So such a modern hipster-ish refined lumberjack.

And it hit me !

My food-distorted brain reminded me of one dinner that could be perfectly described by these words !

A straightforward taste of each ingredient made together an exquisite composition… The modern design is brutal and simple: wood, metal, leather. The bar is in the middle of the action : the barmen manage to be everywhere at the same time, serving (obviously) natural wines. The service is direct and efficient. In the air – spirit of work and agility. The first dish you get is served directly without cutlery. You eat those fried snacks with your bare hands and you have this native pleasure of touching food, dipping it into the sauce and putting it all over your face. The presentation on the plate is savage, yet artistic. Next plate is a quail and of course it's served entire – with brunches of herbs, with a spirit of wood. But in the mouth – extremely tender, with a frank yet subtle seasoning. And for the closing : delicious fluffy dessert with roughly cut pieces of fruits…

-Show me the chef ! He must have a beard ! – I thought…

At the time he did not… But guess what, now he does ;)

Talking about brilliant Edward Delling-Williams and his resto "Le Grand Bain".

P.S. While I was gathering the thoughts for this post, Ed left "Le Grand Bain". No one knows what's his further plan, but this summer you can experience his cuisine in "La Vierge" (Rue de Reunion).