Summer love

On the hot busy days in Paris I'm mostly dreaming about one thing: to be on the seaside. To dive into a careless summer bliss, straight into the loving arms of mediterranian sweet farniente. Where tender wind would blow away the regular countability preoccupations and administrative mismatches, where you would feel safe and easy.
And if your holidays are past behind you like mine, you can still find some substitutes inside Paris. Like have a walk on a Quais de Seine beach or… go have a dinner at Korus. Because this place is a real soothing balm for an irritated soul. Like on a quiet evening on the seaside the déco is serene: white stone mixed with clear-blue color and some wood.

The service is warm and soft, like a touch of summer breeze on you skin. Yann Brasseur and his attentive team are here to take care of you. And the cuisine beats all your expectations – little masterpieces of chef Maxime Elan is exactly what you want after a stuffy hot day. Refreshing, light and supple. Haricot ice-cream with smoked burrata envelops with its tenderness. Seashell carpaccio with light broth-like sauce and herbs is a delicate splash of joy in the mouth. And adapted specially for me sugar-free and gluten free dessert: melon and basilic soup was a perfect reviving finale of this pleasant meeting. All this accompanied by a significant selection of wine by Vincent Glaymann.

And when it's time to get out of the table and go back to reality, you really don't want to, like after a micro-holiday. But well, recharged, you make an effort and you get out with a smile: feeling light and satisfied, with a little aftertaste of summer tenderness in your mouth.